High QA™ & Production Expediting Technologies (PRODx) Announce Strategic Partnership

PRODx chooses High QA as its preferred application for the automation of quality data reviews, preparation and capture for its network of hyper-capable, hyper-qualified contract machining partners


HAZLET, N.J., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — High QA, a provider of quality management software solutions that enable manufacturing companies to efficiently create, manage and monitor all part quality requirements internally and with supply chains, today announced a new strategic partnership with Production Expediting Technologies LLC (PRODxSM).

Production Expediting Technologies LLC (PRODxSM), the manufacturing technology startup founded in 2020 to serve OEM buyers’ ultra-urgent needs for production volumes of precision machined components, has selected High QA as its preferred quality management platform. 

The Global Manufacturing Crisis of COVID-19 Inspired Revolutionary Thinking

The COVID-19 pandemic and the manufacturing crisis it caused laid bare the fragility of global supply chains and manufacturers’ challenges reacting to demand spikes and supplier disruptions. With that inspiration, PRODx, conceived as Global Manufacturing’s 9-1-1SM, created a network of hyper-capable, hyper-qualified contract machining partners across the U.S. to provide a ‘practically guaranteed’ solution to OEM buyers’ ultra-urgent need for production volumes of precision machined components. Within the overall manufacturing process, the review, preparation for and conformity to the customer’s quality requirements are the most critical and often most time-consuming aspects of the overall process.  With a mission as customer critical as PRODx’s, High QA’s automation of those quality processes is a game changer. 

PRODx is Excited to Leverage High QA’s Revolutionary Quality Management Software

With the vision of serving OEM buyers and their suppliers with ultra-urgent, hair-on-fire precision parts needs at production volumes, a contract manufacturer’s ability to quickly and accurately review, understand and track quality data is essential.  High QA’s Inspection Manager product brings flexibility, efficiency, and productivity to the quality process. Its comprehensive automation tools reduce costs, prevent human interpretation errors, improve delivery time and part quality.  Further, as more OEMs embed geometric dimensioning and tolerancing information in their CAD models (model-based definitions), High QA’s 3D MBD add-on will pull the needed quality information directly from the CAD model – no 2D drawing required.  Finally, with High QA’s robust API interfaces, exciting possibilities exist for PRODx to even further integrate High QA with other software products in the digital thread running through manufacturing and rapidly accelerate the automation of production.

“High QA has a deep understanding of the manufacturing supply chain and serves a vast array of target markets from Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical and more which makes them an ideal partner for us to improve efficiencies in our Quality Management process and deliver product to the OEM’s at light speed,” says Bill Berrien, Founder of PRODx.

“High QA’s mission is to enable companies of any size – small to enterprise – to automate and integrate their manufacturing, quality processes and quality supply chain management,” says Sam Golan, High QA Founder and CEO, “We are excited to collaborate with PRODx to do just that for their quality process.”

Further, says Berrien, “High QA is one of those game changing technologies that will cinch the digital thread running through advancement manufacturing to squeeze the white space of contract manufacturing, help ramp up machine utilization and will help make the United States the manufacturing floor to the world.

About High QA

High QA is a leading provider of integrated quality management software solutions (QMS) for any size company in all major manufacturing industries. Inspection Manager, built on the High QA 360 platform, optimizes and automates the entire quality process creating a seamless partnership and collaboration with supply chains. It provides quality insights above and beyond pass/fail, eliminates human interpretation errors and reduces quality control bottlenecks. This ensures products meet specifications, are delivered on time and comply with applicable standards. With extensive industry experience, High QA keeps its customers and partners at the forefront of Quality 4.0 and manufacturing technology.

About Production Expediting Technologies (PRODx)

PRODx, Global Manufacturing’s 9-1-1, is the ‘Special Operations Command’ of immediate-demand production parts for hair-on-fire OEM buyers and their suppliers. An invited network of hyper-qualified, hyper-capable, US-based contract machining companies with available capacity to deliver production part volumes (1,000-100,000 pieces) under the most urgent circumstances. Guaranteed. For more information, visit


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