Interested in becoming a PRODx Contract Machining Partner?

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PRODx and its network of Hyper-Capable, Hyper-Qualified Contract Machining Partners aspire to be Global Manufacturing’s 911SM.

  • A networked, shared-economy business model based on Uber Black
  • A No Fail, No Excuse culture based on First Responders and Special Operations Forces
  • A partnership revenue model based on the transparency of pirates


In addition to being Hyper-Capable and Hyper-Qualified, our US-based Contract Machining Partners must have the right mindset – a mindset of growth and abundance, characterized by continuous improvement of processes, capabilities, and, most importantly, team members. 

Our Contract Machining Partners realize that, much like the Special Operations and First Responder communities, our world of contract machining, and the skilled workforce that enables us, is characterized by highly cohesive, highly trained teams, enabled by very advanced technology, striving to accomplish outsized objectives.

Our Guiding Priorities (How we make decisions):

  1. Serve our OEM customers’ needs (No Fail)
  2. Make our Contract Machining Partners successful
  3. Enhance the capabilities of PRODx and the PRODx network
  4. Profitable return to PRODx