PRODx Press Release: High QA™ & Production Expediting Technologies (PRODx) Announce Strategic Partnership. Read more…

PRODx is an invited network of hyper-capable, hyper-qualified US-based contract machining companies with available capacity that can provide a worry-free solution to a material buyer’s hair-on-fire, immediate demand for production volumes of machined components (1,000-100,000+ pcs).

Contract Machining Partners in the network are highly mature, highly capable companies, typically with 100+ machines, 50+ employees, multiple CAM programmers using daily the latest CAM software, and digitized workflow optimized for immediate production.

Contract Machining Partners possess multiple quality certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, ISO 13485 and/or IATF 16949. 

Immediate Production
PRODx leverages the available capacity among its Contract Machining Partners to provide immediate production. Production volumes starting in days.

Artificial Intelligence-Enabled
PRODx utilizes AI-enabled CNC programming (CAM) software to assist its Contract Machining Partners in reducing the longest lead time element in production parts machining.

Guaranteed to Execute
PRODx provides hair-on-fire buyers peace of mind supply from highly-vetted, responsive, and trusted sources. Guaranteed.

Need Parts Fast?

Quotes within hours – Parts within days

The Uber Black of Immediate Demand Production Machining

Consider any complexity of turned or milled part. We will identify and quote the appropriate Contract Machining Partners to serve your production part needs.

Swiss / Mill-Turn Parts
(Up to 3″ diameter)

Our network of machining partners posseses the most advanced CNC Swiss and CNC Mill-Turn equipment to meet whatever your production parts needs.  Presently, our sweet spot is turned parts less than 3″ in diameter.

Milled Parts
(Up to 6″ x 6″ x 6″)

Presently, our network’s sweet spot for production volumes of milled parts are parts that fit within a machining envelope 6″ x 6″ x 6″.  Parts can require 3-, 4- or 5-axis machining. 

Optimized for Immediate-Demand Production Needs

Hyper-Qualified, Hyper-Capable Machining Partners

Guaranteed Quality & Worry-free Fulfillment

All manufacturing partners possess at least ISO 9001 certification and in most cases additional QMS certifications (AS9100, ISO 13485, TS 16949, etc) as well as robust quality equipment, the latest CNC machining equipment, the most advanced CAM and MRP software, and professional teams of 50+ personnel.

Rapid Quoting. Be Confident in the Expertise of our Contract Machining Partner Network

Quotes in Hours

The digitization of the PRODx Contract Machining Network enables rapid quoting and confident execution.

Available Capacity for Immediate Production:  1,000 – 100,000+ pcs

Production Parts in Days

Manufacturing partners who provide quotes have AVAILABLE CAPACITY for IMMEDIATE PRODUCTION of your components. The latest CNC equipment can be quickly set up for your custom, production volume needs.

Robust Ecosystem of Post-Machining Services Available

Finished Parts Delivered

The PRODx solution is optimized with digitized workflow from quoting, to planning, to programming and quality inspection gives you peace of mind.

When You Absolutely, Positively Need Machined Parts – IMMEDIATELY


PRODx Press Release: High QA™ & Production Expediting Technologies (PRODx) Announce Strategic Partnership. Read more…