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Submitting a request for Quotation is quick and easy. Simply fill out the request form to the right and our team at Prodx will review your request and respond within hours.

Be confident in the security of your data: PRODx quotation information and customer models/files are hosted in an ITAR-compliant environment within GOV Cloud. 


Find out how PRODx can help your business.  Submitting a request for quote or information is fast and easy. Simply fill out our Quick Request Form and our team will respond as quickly as possible. So that we can answer your request more efficiently, please provide us with as much information as possible. Useful Information to include in the “comments or request” field:
  • Your part number
  • Material type and finish
  • Estimated annual volumes or individual release quantity
  • Expected PPAP and/or delivery date
  • Any other special requirements
  • Submit CAD file or drawing indicating all dimensions
  • Preferred CAD file types: .DXF,   .DWG,   .STEP,   .STP, .IGES,  .IGS,   .X_T,   .X_B,   .PDF

Will the PRODx Contract Machining Partner see the customer’s Purchase Order as well as the customer’s flow-down requirements?

Yes, the PRODx Contract Machining Partner will see the customer’s Purchase Order as well as the flow down requirements.

Who is responsible for quality?

The PRODx Contract Machining Partner is responsible for quality.

Is PRODx ITAR-certified and are its Contract Machining Partners?

PRODx is not yet ITAR-certified but expects to be so in coming weeks.  We will update our website when we achieve that certification.

Who will invoice the customer/me?

PRODx will invoice the customer/you and payment will be made to PRODx.  PRODx, in turn, will pay its Contract Machining Partner.

Frequently Asked Questions